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Mission Statement of the Parish of Drumcree

Our Parish of Drumcree is a Christ-centred community. In Baptism we are challenged by the Spirit to live and share the Gospel message.

Through proclaiming the Gospel message to all, growth in faith, liturgy, justice issues and ecumenism we extend our love and care to all people providing support in renewing and deepening our faith. We value the gifts and talents of each of our parishioners and invite them to use these in responding to Christ’s invitation to all of us to follow Him and spread the Good News to the whole world.

‘For the Church the new world of cyberspace is a summons to the great adventure of using its potential to proclaim the Gospel message. This challenge is at the heart of what it means to “put out into the deep” (Lk 5:4)’

Pope John Paul II – Message for the 36th World Communications Day

27th November 2022 Bulletin
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Advent Reflections
Advent is the season to open our hearts in preparation for the joy and hope of Christ’s birth.

The Knights of Saint Columbanus invite you to join them in some prayerful reflection before the Blessed Sacrament each Friday evening during Advent.

It can be a challenge to find some peace and quiet during the exciting but busy preparation leading up to Christmas and the season of Advent can pass by largely unnoticed.

So, we invite you to join us for Mass at 7pm each Friday in St John the Baptist Church and then stay for 30 minutes quiet reflection before the Blessed Sacrament where we will hear about Gospel readings during each of the Sundays of Advent.

Please consider giving yourself an early Christmas present and we look forward to seeing you starting on Friday 25th November at 7pm.

Advent is a four-week period during which the Church prepares for the coming of Jesus at Christmas and His second coming at the end of time when He will judge the living and the dead. The Latin word ‘Adventus’ means ‘coming’. This year the First Sunday of Advent falls on 27th November 2022. Advent continues up until Christmas Eve. 

Advent is therefore a time of preparation. For four weeks Christians await with increasing expectation the coming of Christ. This time is marked by a spirit of waiting, conversion and hope:

  • We wait in memory of the first coming of Christ, in humble circumstances as a child in Bethlehem. We also wait in expectation of the Lord’s Second Coming at the end of the world.
  • We are attentive to the call to conversion, bearing in mind the words of Saint John the Baptist: “Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand” (Mt 3:2).
  • We are filled with joyful hope at the salvation already accomplished by Christ and the reality of grace in the world.

The new Church Year

The season of Advent marks the beginning of the Church’s liturgical year. This development is reflected symbolically by colour. The green of Ordinary Time is replaced by the violet of Advent. This colour (also used during Lent) reflects the penitential character of the season. There is joy in preparing for the Nativity of the Lord but the liturgy also emphasises the theme of being ready for the coming of Christ. Undertaking penance, prayer and good works is important at this time.

The Third of the Four Sundays of Advent offers an exception to the penitential theme. On this day known as ‘Rejoice Sunday’ (Gaudete Sunday) the Church optionally employs the colour rose to signify the approach of the joy associated with Christmas. Throughout Advent the ‘Gloria’ is omitted from Mass. The readings focus on personalities from the Old and New Testament who were prepared by God to make the Incarnation possible.

AdventViolet vestments